*pa30 twinkie*
price (RL used) $95k - $150k
price (new in sim) $USD 17.99
In aviation terms the Twinkie is the equivalent of a family saloon. A comfortable yet affordable vehicle, perfect for pleasure rides or short trips; a Chrysler rather than a Lamborghini, reliable and dependable.
Product includes 6 liveries
[requires 1.0GB disk space]
specs: 4 seats, 2 Lycoming IO-320 engines. cruise speed = 155 kts, range = 1,200 miles

Since its introduction in the 1960’s, the PA-30 has gained a solid reputation as a versatile and reliable aircraft, with a low-wing design and retractable landing gear giving the aircraft a sleek appearance. Powered by twin IO-320 engines, each delivering 160 horsepower, the aircraft is also notable for its well-regarded performance capabilities.

Our recreation of this well-known aviation icon Is intended to be accurate, yet easy-to-operate. With a richly featured cabin, full analog instrumentation, and a comprehensive avionics suite, the Shrike PA-30 will allow you to explore the virtual world of Microsoft Flight Simulator with class and style!

  • Unique period specific analog instrumentation with full radio navigation capabilities
  • Professionally created & pilot tested flight dynamics that are realistic to the aircraft
  • High quality and professionally mixed sounds created from live recordings
  • High quality 3D model with visually realistic textures
  • Opening door and storm window with dynamic sound effects
  • Realistic lighting effects, inside and out
  • Full checklist with auto-complete capability
About us: Shrike Simulations is a offshoot of Blackbird Simulations, with the unique goal of offering opposites – accuracy and ease of use, quality and affordability. Our aircraft are meant to bring the joy of virtual flight to all users!
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