price (RL used) $1M - $2M
price (new in sim) $USD 19.99
Sportscar helo for Hot & High operations. A favorite of police forces and rescue teams.
Note: Working gun-pods fire (sound and flashes) but cause no damage - (arms not included in Marketplace or XBox versions)
Product includes 10 liveries
[requires 2.2GB disk space]
specs: 4 seats, 1 Allison 250-C30. Cruise speed = 135 kts, Range = 232 nm
2 x FN gunpods, 2 x miniguns
"Shrike managed to thread the needle between cost and quality in a way not many developers have done.
In this reviewer's opinion, it’s hands down the best value on MSFS."
- www.helisimmer.com
"Small price - big package" - Pilot / 0083
"Beauty On A Budget" - BelGeode
About us: Shrike Simulations is a offshoot of Blackbird Simulations, with the unique goal of offering opposites – accuracy and ease of use, quality and affordability. Our aircraft are meant to bring the joy of virtual flight to all users!
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