price (RL used) $1M - $2M
price (new in sim) $tba
coming soon
Sportscar helo for Hot & High operations. A favorite of police forces and rescue teams.
Note: Gun pods are not included in Marketplace or XBox versions
Product includes 11 liveries
[requires 2.2GB disk space]
specs: 4 seats, 1 Allison 250-C30. Cruise speed = 135 kts, Range = 232 nm
CTRL-E: Shrike is an imprint of Blackbird Simulations.
Shrike's mission is to offer affordable, quality, jump-in-and-fly aircraft that offer maximum enjoyment without breaking the bank.
All Shrike aircraft include custom flight profiles & soundsets.
Shrike aircraft exploit the default systems available in Microsoft Flight Simulator at the time of their publication,
and do not include any customizations that extend or enhance the default MSFS experience.
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